Tomo's Upcoming Schedule

Oct 8: The Gathering NW

The Art of Apology


Oct 30: Dark Odyssey

  • Pressure Points to Cause Pain

  • The Joy of Punching

  • Layers of Hierarchy

  • To Serve - The Basics

Nov 5: Southeast Leatherfest Mahem


Nov 12: Leather Reign

  • I'm Too Damn Old To Be A ....

  • Navigating the Relationship Plateau

Jan 22: Southwest Leather Conference

March 1: MAsT: Austin


March 27: MAsT: Edgewater Park

Navigating the Relationship Plateau

March 10: South Plains Leatherfest


April 29-30: Ms Gathering

June 18: Southeast Leatherfest

Wicked Grounds Virtual Education Series

10/7/2021 6-8pm PT

The Joy of Punching


11/4/2021 6-8pm PT

Conflict Resolution Within an Authority Exchange Framework


12/2 6/2021-8pm 6-8pm PT

The Powerful Servant


1/6/2022 6-8pm PT

The s in D/s, M/s


2/3/2022 6-8pm PT

Takin It